Royal Engineering has vast experience in the design of all types of special high production machinery. Over the years, Royal has designed and coordinated many large and highly complex projects for most of the large O.E.M. suppliers, as well as parts manufacturers, major car companies, and machining center manufacturers.

Throughout the industry, Royal Engineering is considered a World Class Fixture Design House and we work hard to maintain our quality and reputation. We have done many projects including Blocks, Heads, Manifolds, Front Covers, Transmission Housings, Diff. Carriers, Con-Rods, Knuckles, Crankshafts, etc., and our vast experience includes both high production transfer, dial index, shuttle and tombstone type fixtures for these parts. At Royal Engineering, "We know how to hold parts, let us help you hold yours."

Formdrill Distribution

Royal Engineering is also a distributor for Formdrill, an innovative technology that allows you to "form your own inserts". This allows you to eliminate inserts and weld nuts, saving cost and improving design of your products. For more information, Download Formdrill Brochure . For a demonstration video, click on the link below:

In addition to full machine and fixture design, we also offer multiple Simulation Services, including FEA studies, as well as full documentation services including GM CETC Tool (formerly PRIMS) Compliance. Adding these capabilities has allowed us to continue to be a leader by providing our customers with a quality, economical and reliable source for all of their engineering needs. We look forward to continue working with our existing customers, or adding you to our long list of satisfied companies that have put their trust in our management, staff, and years of experience. The following is a more detailed description of these services:

3D Modeling

We provide 3D solid modeling utilizing SolidWorks, Inventor and Creo/Wildfire (Pro/E).

These powerful tools allow us to work from a variety of formats such as Catia, Uni-Graphics, Auto-Cad, Pro-E, Step, Parasolids, IGES, VDAFS, and VRML.

Whether you need a 3D assembly for programming a CNC machine, part and product development, file conversion, or a complete fixture or machine designed in 3D, Royal Engineering can take care of your entire solid modeling needs.

Download 3D Adobe pdf Model Download 3D Adobe pdf Model

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

In conjunction with our 3D modeling services we can do complete FEA reports on individual parts and assemblies.

Using SolidWorks Simulation, a stress analysis can be performed to test the design and ensure optimal performance.

In addition, frequency analysis, linearized buckling analysis, as well as heat transfer thermal analysis can be studied to cover the most demanding conditions found in today’s engineering solutions.

Documentation Services (including AutoCAD/Excel that pass GM CETC Tool (formerly PRIMS))

Royal Engineering offers complete documentation services. In addition to the high demands in the area of documentation for ISO, TS and AS compliance, OEM customers require compliance to their drawing and Bill of Material standards. Over the years, Royal Engineering has gained unique expertise in converting AutoCAD and Excel BOMs that will pass the GM CETC Tool (formerly PRIMS). We are able to take your SolidWorks, Inventor or Creo/Wildfire (Pro/E) 2D files and return AutoCAD files that pass the GM CETC Tool (formerly PRIMS).

Examples of additional documentation we can offer include complete machine operating manuals, machine and fixture set-up instructions, changeover manuals as well as plant and machine safety procedures.

In addition to machine or fixture designs, a full color, easy to follow manual or process document can be customized and created to suit any of your specific needs.

Complete Machine Design

Royal Engineering International, Inc. has the experience to design complete machines. We can handle all of your machine tool needs from concept-proposal thru design. The following are examples of machines we have designed.

Nissan 4x2 and 4x4 Axle Tube Sensor Block Leak Test
Raise water to bubble check & CNC scribe Part Number, Plant, Julian Date & Shift

Nissan 4x2 and 4x4 Axle Tube
Special Ball Joint 10 Ton Press with piezoelectric force/distance monitoring

Nissan 4x2 and 4x4 Axle Tube Part Marker
CNC Scribe Part Number, Plant, Julian Date & Shift