About Royal Engineering International, Inc.

Since 1985, Royal Engineering has been specializing in the design of fully automatic and manual special machinery, assembly and test machines, metal cutting, assembly and welding fixtures, power train and drive train assembly and test systems, automatic loading and unloading units, robotic paint systems and automatic integrated work cells.

Royal Engineering International, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Registered organization operating out of its 10,000 square foot facility located in Fraser, Michigan (USA). With our over 400 years of experience, our team are ready to help make your next automation project a success.

Company History
Royal Engineering was founded in 1985 to service the Machine Tool Industry. Transfer Machines for Metal Removal were our specialty. As CNC Machines became more affordable, Royal transitioned to be the Global Choice designer of CNC Metal Removal Fixtures. Since those early days, Royal has grown to be the World Class designer of Assembly and Test machines for several industries.

Quality Policy
Royal Engineering Inc. is dedicated to meeting Customer requirements and achieving Customer satisfaction by providing products and services which are high quality, fairly priced and delivered on time. Our management systems provide for the management of risk and continuous improvement of key processes and operational performance.

Mission Statement
To innovate and excel at providing manufacturers with Engineering Services in Weapons Systems; Flexible Manufacturing Systems; Special Tooling; Robotic Paint Systems; Employee Placement Services; Special Machinery & Automation; and Welding, Metal Removal and Assembly Machines and Fixtures that our customers view as high quality, fairly priced and delivered on time.

"We feel that Royal Engineering achieves this through its Quality Management System, use of the most modern engineering and program management techniques, our highly experienced team, quality teamwork, and Creative Thinking which sets us apart. We look forward to adding your company to our list of satisfied customers."

Michael Stovall