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Formdrills – what they do…

- Form holes in thin materials without cutting

- The material that is normally cut forms a bushing triple the length of the original material thickness

- This formed bushing provides more wall to allow for more threads and eliminate the use of welded nuts or threaded inserts

- This bushing can also be used to support a pivoting shaft or as a brazing Surface

- To eliminate the tapping process self-tappers can be used in assembly

How does it work?
- The drill is made of tungsten carbide and has a conical shape with several facets

- These facets create friction as they turn (spindle speeds depend on diameter - 1,000 to 4,000 RPM) and the tool is pushed into the material

- The resulting heat from the friction heats the material, pushes it into a plastic state to displace it and form the bushing

Advantages & benefits
- Cost reductions in labor & materials

- Formdrills & Formtaps can do 8,000 -10,000 holes in mild steel

- Production cycles reduced significantly

- Formed bushing is produced from the same part

- Process does not produce chips

- Ideal for automated production lines

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